Emergency Response Solutions

Call Systems for Assisted, Independent, and Memory Care Housing

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ERS seamlessly fuses a PC with an extensive selection of resident monitoring/notification devices to provide an automated Assisted Living/ Independent Living emergency-call (e-call) system (sometimes called nurse call, or bell system) to ensure resident life safety. The ERS software platform will constantly monitor resident safety (24/7) and provide you with reports and documentation on all activities registered.

The software is a perfect solution for the boutique AL provider (low cost, essential information) yet can also easily handle the high demands of a multi-campus senior living provider. Whether your needs are just resident pull-cord staff alerting, or multi-device resident interactions, our ERS ecall system will provide you with the all the functionality you desire with the added benefit of features you may not have considered.

  • Proven, reliable, WIRELESS technology
  • Smart Tablets 3 way voice and data   (Pat. 9305450 )                                                           Smart Tablink Video
    *powerful staff notification/communication tool
    *Wi-Fi enabled (no need for cell contract)
    * 2-way data – (care giver recieves alert and provides feedback when alert is cleared)
    * Voice to voice communication between tablets (without cell contract)
    * Able to receive messages/announcements broadcast by administration (system-wide or to select parties)
    * More information received on alerts (picture of resident, more details)
    * No need for staff to carry pagers and/or walkie talkies, facility phones
  • Windows 7 platform
  • Off-the-shelf (industry standard) resident monitoring/alerting/notification devices
  • Alerts sent to staff by wide variety of devices
  • Simple to configure (see our DIY section)
  • Easy to install (your staff or ours)
  • Intuitive to use
  • System can be small (a few rooms with pull-cords) OR large (100’s of rooms each with pull-cords, pendants, smoke detectors, auto check-in, etc)
  • Additional features (free with the software) can help you track and fine-tune your operation
  • Automatic reporting and record keeping